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IMTS- An Institute providing Business Deliverance and Knowledge

The Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IMTS) for distance education is located in Delhi, Noida, Banglore, Chennai, Mumbai, Haryana, Chandigarh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Ghaziabad, Lucknow, Mirzapur and Fatehpur UAE, Dubai. Our institute has been established by an NGO “All Time Help” approved by the Delhi Government and certified by the International Organization with respect to the standards of performance. The institute also receives credits by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) with the Asian Certification Limited.

IMTS is the Center for Excellence imparting very high quality management and technical education, training and research in the various sectors of the business articulates. This is one of the premier management institutes with the best of teaching, research projects and interaction with the industries.

IMTS Branches exhibiting genius Education models

The various IMTS institutes situated at different parts of India :

1.     IMTS NOIDA: This institute gives the youth of today a better chance for career development through distance education. Our institute wants to provide the best services related to the student’s selection procedures. Varied courses are offered from the different affiliated universities certified by UGC, DEC and the AICTE. The institute wants to engage in the improvement of the innovative minds for business embarkments and lucrative alliances.

The courses offered at IMTS are of the Diploma, Degree or the Doctorate level through the distance education approach. The courseware of our institute is designed for the professionals with work experience. The learning mechanisms are carried on, along with interactions with the business paradigms and the project goals.

How is IMTS favored to the other institutes? India currently has become a hub of the Management and Technical Institutes. The business entrepreneurs are gathering new ventures and employment opportunities for a vast group of the talented youngsters. The institute provides valued management and skilled education at reasonable fees in a genius environment envisaged with talented teachers and unraveled students. The innovative industrial projects and the business interactions, provide a virtual environment for the understanding of the course subjects. The people, who are already working in companies, could upgrade their degrees and professional know-how through the certificate courses offered by IMTS. The institute provides all the academic solutions related to the careers of the registered students.

The advantageous features of IMTS are:

1.     Courses with definite and rapid results

2.     Provides more than a 100 specializations

3.     Certified with worldwide recognition

4.     Reasonable fees with vast E-Learning experience

5.     Project E-Learning Solutions

6.     3 definite ways of exam options

7.     Advanced courses with personalized help

8.     Certifications in Diploma, Degree and Doctorate

9.     Informative and self initiated study material with the latest management and technological features

10.   100% tax exempted and a complete distance educational program

2.     IMTS : Established with the affiliated universities all over the country, IMTS  endeavors to rapture the entire personality and mindset of the students, towards an improvised business genius. The study centers of the affiliated universities like Periyar, Vinayaka Mission University, etc creates an ambience to practice the knowledge read in the study materials, and create an innovative approach towards better business alliances and ingenious thought processes. Our institute is a branded approach towards developing intellectual knowledge. The IMTS  would establish a benchmark with its study methods and the future development projects.

 The institute was established in 2001 with the business environment still overlooking the requirements of public sector units. The development of the private and public sectors need to be studied and reviewed on the grounds of National Economic impetus for growth. The current task of IMTS  is to understand the international economic business forums and also reorient research and education to the requirements of both the sectors. IMTS has a goal of developing a link in the National Economic Reviews and private sector development in India. Our institute aims at developing knowledge. National development and interests in literature and fine arts among the students. The Dubai branch inculcates initiation towards global humanism and balancing the realities of the economic parlances. Intellectuals all over the world are becoming aware of the need for global planning and research of business prominence and support.



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Shaqib Amir Shah
I am very happy with management ,they give me every assitance regarding My Course.